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“Science” vs Science

The Battle for Your Frontal Lobe

October 27 @ 9:30 am - October 28 @ 8:30 pm, 2023

This Conference is inspired from the below quote:
”I have been warned that henceforth we shall have a constant contest. Science, so-called, and religion will be placed in opposition to each other, because finite men do not comprehend the power and greatness of God.” -Manuscript 16, 1890.

In this world filled with different flavors of “sciences” which do indeed oppose everything that God ordained, our speakers will be presenting from true science, factual data and information, and most importantly from The Scriptures to provide hope and comfort!

a) The “Climate Change” Agenda

b) Gender Dysphoria Promulgation

c) Evolution and Creationism

These are the 3 primary subjects that will be addressed at this Conference!

Our amazing speakers – although from various backgrounds – have one thing in common, they love truth and want to share truth! And truth in turns sets us free!

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A 2 Day Faith-Based Conference, The “Climate Change” Agenda, Project 2025 and The Sabbath will be addressed!
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