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A Symposium that addresses Yoga through the lens of Bible, Medical Science, Archeological evidence and History to help you make healthy choices for your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health.

“Yoga & The Bible – An Educational Symposium for your Health” is designed to provide every attendee a clear answer to:

‣ “What is Yoga?”
‣ “What are Yoga’s Origins?”
‣ “What is the purpose of Yoga?”
‣ “What does scientific research Data reveal about Yoga?”
‣ “What is the connection between Yoga, Bible Prophecies & The Great Reset?”
‣ “What is the difference between Yoga & Stretching?”
‣ “Will Yoga help you live Longer and Stronger? Is there another lifestyle for your health?”

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A 2 Day Faith-Based Conference, The “Climate Change” Agenda, Project 2025 and The Sabbath will be addressed!
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